Go Vegan is a community-based organisation that informs New Zealand families about the benefits a plant-based lifestyle can offer to family health, the environment and to animals.

We do this through engaging in vegan education and advocacy, by supporting those interested in becoming vegan and by supplying free resources to vegan advocates.

One of our primary ongoing projects is the supply of free vegan starter kits to Kiwis. This has been a successful pilot program that now sees a steady stream of over 3,500 requests for kits annually. You can download or order kits here.

To meet this demand we rely totally on your donations. Donations to this work can be made here and a monthly subscription of $25 is one of the most powerful ways you can help this work. Go Vegan is a registered charity and your donation is tax deductible.

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Make use of this site by learning about the issues and sharing that information with others. You can also become a regional advocate; we are seeking pro-active people in all areas and will supply banners, flyers and booklets free to successful applicants.


It is estimated that there are about 193 million vegans around the world.

A further 407 million are meat-free.

Now, more than ever before, we aware of our impact on the world around us. We have an urgent need to protect the environment and animals that suffer as products of industry. The public also have a growing interest in health and longevity. As science educates us on the human body, we’ve discovered eating animal products can inhibit wellness. Studies show veganism can satisfy the nutritional requirements of the whole family (including high-performance athletes, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers). Studies also reveal that veganism can confer health benefits, particularly to diabetics and those with heart conditions. Plant-based eaters have less heart disease, less diabetes, less cancer and less stroke than those who consume animal products.

There is a pragmatic solution to feeding our booming human population. Plant-based food can be produced in more sustainable, resource-efficient ways, while protecting the water, soil and air, and providing optimum nutrition to all. New technology is on the way – that will provide us with lab milks and meats – products that support the protection of the planet and eliminate the interest in animal use. The human species can have all of their nutritional needs met, keep the environment safe and honour that like us animals can thrive here; they have just as much right to be free as we do. Unfortunately the ethical problems with farming are inherent. Animals have no rights, and are traded and treated as property. Just as humans are harmed when they traded and treated as property, the same follows for animals.

To find out more about the environment, click here.

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To read more about human health, click here.

So what is a vegan?

A vegan is a person who does not consume animal products and animal by-products – this includes meat, dairy, eggs, honey, wool, leather, silk and more. Vegans also avoid products tested on animals. Instead vegans enjoy a plant-based lifestyle.


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