Go Vegan is a national organisation dedicated to growing the vegan population in New Zealand. We support the cessation of commercial animal use.

We focus on:

1) Vegan advocacy

2) Supporting regional advocates with resources, and

3) Providing resources for those transitioning to veganism

Started in 2012, Go Vegan was designed with a volunteer-based approach in mind. All of our materials are produced by volunteers, and are publicly available for anyone with similar aims to download and freely use.

We engage in advocacy and media work, furnish volunteers with stalls and content, and provide street-kits to those who want to hit the streets. We provide education to volunteers on how to interact with the public, and produce “passive” education kits for installation. We provide free resources to people interesting in becoming vegan and rely on funding from sponsors, fundraising and donations to carry out this work.

You can send us an email at info@govegan.org.nz

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