The main reason people adopt a vegan lifestyle is because of ethical concerns regarding the way animals are raised and treated. The second reason is the level of environmental devastation caused by industrial animal farming.

The problems with farming are inherent.

Animals have no legal protection and are treated by industry as objects. This causes a host of widespread abuses and it’s time to put aside our minor concerns and consider their major concerns. To be free is a precious thing. They have no influence on the decisions that influence their daily lives or deaths. Humans without protective rights are invariably treated poorly, the same goes for animals.

The issues of concern in New Zealand are:



Broiler Chickens


Meat Cattle



Foie Gras


Animal Testing

Some people take certain steps to alleviate this suffering, which can increase the animal’s welfare, but does not address all of the ethical issues. The most common are:

Turning vegetarian

Buying free range

Buying organic

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